Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photographer Contributes to Provincial Tourism Award

From Juniper Grill, Orangeville

The Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association received a silver medal in the Best Tourism Advertising category for Ontario. The team who created the prize-winning "Grown in the Hills" advertising campaign included Sandra Traversy of Traversy Photography, Michele Harris, Tony Reynolds, Valerie Jones, Bill O'Sullivan and Len Guchardi.

The "Grown in the Hills" campaign ran for seven weeks during the summer and featured over 300 radio spots on Toronto radio stations, plus website coverage on the Hills of Headwaters Website. Traversy Photography contributed most of the images for that web presence. This photo was taken inside Juniper Grill in Orangeville. My aim in creating this photo was not only to show off the beauty of the dessert, but to give viewers a visual link to Orangeville Theatre across the street, so that people would have an idea of where the restaurant is located. (The tipped plate is also hiding the presence of a small red car parked outside, which could not be moved - just another one of the typical problems photographers are faced with on a daily basis!)

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